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Oxiclean-safe-on-marble, how to maintain and clean a marble surface. know your marble. think like the marble. be the marble. marble is more porous than other common countertop materials like engineered stone (sold often .... Avoid general-purpose cleaners unless the product specifically states that it’s marble-safe. most of the time, a solution of dish soap and warm water is all that’s needed to keep marble looking..., how to clean marble stains with peroxide. marble is durable and has a distinctive, classic look. when it's on a table or countertop, daily exposure to ordinary household living may cause it to ....

The truth about how to clean marble. marble is one of the most beautiful home accents you can add to home, and marble's beautiful classic look will add value to any type of room whether is a bathroom or atrium. however, if marble is not cared for correctly, over time, marble's great look will degrade and a lot of its beauty and value that your ..., how to clean marble floors. marble is a beautiful stone that makes a luxurious addition to any home. however, marble is also a delicate stone demanding great care to maintain its shine and to prevent scratching..

Oxiclean is a powdered stain remover that activates when it's mixed with water and releases oxygen bubbles. you can use oxiclean versatile stain remover to clean dirty tile in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home., cultured marble is a resilient material frequently used for countertops, sinks, and vanities. mineral deposits and soap scum can build up on your marble, negatively impacting its appearance.. If your tile grout is dirty or stained and in need of a thorough cleaning, consider using oxiclean. unlike chlorine bleach that may discolor the grout, oxiclean will clean, sanitize and remove stains without harming the grout., subscribe to this blog's feed. blog : monday, july 25 2011. using oxiclean on travertine. using oxiclean on travertine: lately i have received a lot of inquiries on wether or not you can use oxiclean laundry detergent on travertine tile floors. by looking at a box of oxiclean you will notice they recommend it for many uses including tile and grout..

Use solution within 6 hours. fill scoop to line 4 per gallon of water. (follow instructions on package.) for some surfaces, like grout, a more concentrated paste may be used. apply using a cloth, sponge, brush, or by pouring solution directly onto surface.; let stand 5–30 min. scrub as needed. for large surfaces, work with small areas, so solution does not dry on the surface.